Getting started with our Cloud Solution powered by MyQuickCloud

Enjoy secure remote access with MyQuickCloud

Our Cloud Solution powered by MyQuickCloud liberates desktop programs and makes them available any time anywhere, whether they are installed on in-house systems or on cloud servers.

Just follow the simple steps below and within a few minutes you’ll be able to enjoy ultimate flexibility and improved productivity through secure remote access.

1. Create an account

Click the button below and follow the easy steps to register and activate your account from our website.

Create Account

2. Set up the host computer

Choose which computer will become the host; the host is the computer where the programs you want to share are installed. This might be a computer where MyQuickCloud is already installed.
Download MyQuickCloud onto the chosen computer.

Download MyQuickCloud

Any Windows Desktop or Server computer can be used as a host.

Download MyQuickCloudInstall MyQuickCloud

Once MyQuickCloud by MyQuickCloud is installed you can sign in with the login details created in Step 1.

Download MyQuickCloudSign In MyQuickCloud

A dashboard will appear where you can configure all your settings, including the host.
Click on “Add Host” and follow the steps. Green check marks indicate a successful host set up.

Download MyQuickCloudSign In MyQuickCloud

The host is now configured
The remaining setup can be done from any other computer through MyQuickCloud by (no need to be on the host).

3. Publish a Virtual Desktop

In the dashboard, click on “Publish Virtual Desktop…” to add a virtual desktop application.

Publish Virtual DesktopPublish Virtual Desktop

A Virtual Desktop can be used for admin purposes or by remote users to open different applications.

4. Publish a Virtual Application

In the dashboard, click on the “Manage” tab to expand the admin options and select the “Apps” tab to open the configuration panel.

Click “Create new…” at the bottom of the App Management screen.

You will then be presented the “Publish Application” panel. Use the search to find the program you want to publish. Once done, click “Next”.

Publish Virtual ApplicationPublish Virtual Application

Note: Only administrators can publish applications and make them available for other users.

5. Configure users

You can allow other users to remotely access different programs on the host.

To do so go back to the “Manage” tab and click on “Users” to open the configuration panel.

Click on “Create New…” at the bottom left to fill in required details and finish creating a new user by clicking “Next”.

Create userCreate user

MyQuickCloud by MyQuickCloud is now configured and ready to use.

To use MyQuickCloud by MyQuickCloud, remote users need to download MyQuickCloud on their device and sign in.
All users configured on your cloud will receive a welcome email with their individual user information and setup instructions.

User DashboardUser Dashboard

Note: Once the account has been set up you can enter your billing information within seven days via your online account.