Future proof your business with MyQuickCloud

Access all of your desktop apps with your new business cloud. MyQuickCloud is the easy and affordable way to share your critical files and applications making them cloud and mobile. MyQuickCloud creates a virtual desktop, accessible from many devices connected to the internet anytime, anywhere.

Optimize IT Costs

Reinvest your in-house IT spending and future proof your business with MyQuickCloud. No need to invest in hardware, software or network fees, MyQuickCloud is the logical decision.

Scale Up With Your Business

Increase your private cloud as your company grows. Clouds come in different sizes and MyQuickCloud is the perfect fit. Pay for the resources you need at the moment and upscale when needed. MyQuickCloud handles scalability perfectly alongside your business growth.

Keep your data secure

Data stays on the host machine when remote users are connected. Your data will always stay safe on the host. All data including screen images, file transfers and keyboard or mouse input is fully encrypted from end to end using a protected 128/256-bit AES connection.

Find out why many businesses use MyQuickCloud to securely access applications and data from anywhere.

Turn your PC or Windows server into a cloud host and liberate your desktop programs and files, by making them available anytime, anywhere, via the cloud.

Keep your data safe and on your PC but access it from anywhere at anytime. That’s MyQuickCloud!

MyQuickCloud is fast, secure and affordable. Learn more and get started with your own business cloud today.